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Gynaec. Cancer Screening  

Gynaecological cancers are cancers of the female reproductive system.These include ovarian and fallopian tube cancers, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer (cancer of the uterus) and cancer of the vulva and vagina.Gynaecological cancers are common in our community. Overall, gynaecological cancers accounted for 10% of all reported cancers in females .The role of screening in gynaecological cancers is under evaluation. With mass screening proven effective in significantly reducing cervical cancer mortality, there is an interest in developing other screening methods to detect gynaecological malignancies early.

Gynaecological Cancer Symptoms and Information:

There are simple measures you can take to help identify symptoms of gynaecological cancer:

Know your family health history and be aware of gynaecological cancer symptoms

Know and listen to your body

Take control of your health, talk to your GP if you notice any irregular body changes.

Symptoms that may be caused by gynaecological cancers include:

Abnormal or persistent vaginal bleeding

Unusual vaginal discharge

Pain, pressure or discomfort in the abdomen

Swelling of the abdomen

Change in bowel or bladder habits

Pain during intercourse

Vaginal itching, burning or soreness

Lumps, sores or wart-like growths

The symptoms of gynaecological cancers depend on where the tumour is situated, the size of the tumour and how quickly it is growing.