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Our Doctors  

1. Dr Kokila Das , DGO , DNB , FICMCH
    Senior Obst. & Gynaec Consultant, Lap Surgeon
High Risk Pregnancy , Advanced Infertility
Asst Prof., Hitech Medical College
Fertility Consultant, keya FERTILITY
    E mail :

She has over 10years of collective experience treating infertility ,high risk pregnancies & gynaecological diseases .Her extensive, advanced training and experience help her proposing  goal oriented & cost effective treatment . She believes in helping you to make the right decisions and answering your questions . In addition to her work on infertility, she has pioneered the concept and practice of  "Painless Labour" . Dr Kokila Das was offering her services in the field of High Risk Pregnancy, Gynaec Laparoscopy, and Infertility management in the state of Kerala . Currently, she has settled down in Odisha since May'2014 .

2. Dr Aditya Das , DNB,Dip GO, FICMCH
    Chief Fertility Consultant
    E mail :
Dr Aditya Das has been in the field of Reproductive Medicine since 2002 . He is an expert in treating infertility . His knowledge, expertise and clinical training has offered him the ability to treat Infertilie couples in health as well as in disease.His experience in Kerala and different other south indian states has come a long way in understandifng the agony of infertile couples . He is determined to treat infertile couples at the lowest possible cost , at the same time maintaining not only the standard of the treatment , but also respecting all possible ethics . He believes in  thorough evaluation of a childless couple  through a comprehensive history, appropriate physical examinations, diagnostic imaging and laboratory tests.


Here at Women's Clinic , we appreciate that you need the very best advice and skills.We also recognise that your treatment needs a comprehensive approach which meets your many different needs. That's why our Consultants work within a team of other consultants . We place patients “first” .